What is Oncology Aesthetics?

Oncology Aesthetics is a specialty that provides skin care and spa services to Cancer patients either while undergoing cancer treatment or post Cancer treatment. Oncology Spa solutions as the name suggest are solutions found for these said patients to assist them in their diverse skincare or spa needs while undergoing various therapies for example radiation, the type of aesthetics treatment is completely dependent on the client’s need at all times, the Aesthetician has to be knowledgeable and mindful of what the client is experiencing and modify treatment accordingly.

Let’s take a quick look at Oncology, “Onkos” is the ancient Greek word which means swelling, burden or mass load; it is also the root word for Oncology which is the study and treatment of tumours (Cancer). The treatment varies and the list keeps growing as science and technology keeps evolving, an Oncologist determines a patient’s cancer treatment and all these treatments have a number of side effects on a person’s entire body, not excluding the hair, skin and nails of course, which is where an Oncology trained Aesthetician comes in, helping a client while they are  going through their cancer treatment, however they can even if sometimes it’s just a cold compress or holding of a hand is important.

What it means to be Oncology Trained

Being Oncology trained means; The Aesthetician has a better understanding of the side effects that all the different Cancer medications and therapies have on the body, a client’s overall physical, mental and emotional state and is certified to provide spa solutions with modifications for these needs and make their treatment experience a little less stressful and more comfortable in a spa environment. So if you or someone you know is going through or has gone through Cancer treatment call us at Shays Day spa & Beauty Clinic we are Oncology trained and we can help you.